Sunil  Anandatheertha was introduced to playing veena by his mother Smt.  Sandhya who is a vainika herself. Saraswati Guitar Beena is the ordinary electric guitar played with the accuracy and effectiveness of a traditional Saraswati Veena. As a consequence, it is no longer just a guitar but the closest younger sister of Saraswati Veena.

He has developed playing methods and techniques for guitar which are more effective when compared to ordinary techniques. By developing these techniques, he has progressed a bit closer in bringing the richness of sound of a Saraswati veena in a guitar. 

Sunil, in conjunction with Lastbench-poets, is presently working on effects of stressed and non-stressed syllables of both contemporary Bangla and English poetry, while also comparing them with traditional folk and classical melodies...

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