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FANTOMIC:Ghost of Jimi Hendrix

Posted by Tanvir Ratul on Sunday, August 27, 2017, In : lastbench, the lilltemag 

M309 invites you to the monthly poetry open mic 

Anarchist poem, love poems, grim or joy, old or new, bring it on: the whole lot. 
Please come early to book a reading slot 
to the most friendly poetry event around.
We are a non-profit entity that feed only on the love of words, lines and sounds

Peter O'Neill 

Toby Bodi


Old Credit Union
5 Hyslop Street
LIverpool L8 5UA

19:00 to ATTEND

Drinks and snacks will be available, so dont forget to bring a friend...

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Sunil and his 'Guitar-Veena'

Posted by Antivirus Desk on Monday, December 5, 2011, In : lastbench, the lilltemag 
Sunil  Anandatheertha was introduced to playing veena by his mother Smt.  Sandhya who is a vainika herself. Saraswati Guitar Beena is the ordinary electric guitar played with the accuracy and effectiveness of a traditional Saraswati Veena. As a consequence, it is no longer just a guitar but the closest younger sister of Saraswati Veena.

He has developed playing methods and techniques for guitar which are more effective when compared to ordinary techniques. By developing these techniques, he ha...

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intentional delay to publish a regular littlemag...

Posted by antivirus desk on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, In : lastbench, the lilltemag 
The publication of September 2011 issue of Lastbench is being deliberately delayed, besides the fact that its ready to go in production...

The online version will be available in due time, but the printed version will be out during Liverpool Bangla Film Festival October 2011...

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